Our Advantage

PayTrak is a rare bird in the payroll service industry. We offer special expertise in payroll management, with access to nearly a half a century of knowledge and experience in accounting and tax laws.

We’re loyal – small town friendly, with a world of knowledge at our fingertips. We keep business personal, down to earth – and your business very close, so you’re always safe with us.

And because we focus on one core service – payroll – we’ve perfected our system to a fine art. We make the transition quick and seamless, providing you with the best, fastest, most cost-effective solution.

Another ace up our sleeve is a unique understanding of the franchise industry – knowledge that transfers well to any kind of business growth.

In fact, you might think of us as the wise owl of all things payroll.

Highly adept in our dealings, we guard our own with great care. And we travel the distance for you.

Who doesn’t need one of those in today’s hectic business world?

Practical solutions for all your payroll needs – with a touch of magic

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