PayTrak PayWiz

PayWiz is an easy to use cloud-based data submission portal ready to manage your business payroll needs. PayWiz self-service portals offer simplified employee maintenance and payroll entry, a customizable suite of reports, online employee paystubs and T4’s, flexibility to pay employees by cheque or direct deposit. Submit the payroll digitally anywhere, at any time using PayTrak online 24/7 secure accessible data retrieval and submission tool. Online and call-in technical support is also available to answer your questions in real time.

  • Easy to use data submission portal
  • mailed PayStubs to employees and payroll reports to employers
  • Optional Online Employee and Client portals
    • Employee Paystubs and T4’s
    • Customizable suite of reports for employers
    • 24/7 accessibility
  • Online and Call in technical support
  • All government and tax remittances calculated, deducted, and payments made on your behalf.
  • Pay your employees by direct deposit or cheque.