About Us


What makes PayTrak unique in the payroll outsourcing industry has a lot to do with our beginnings.

PayTrak was created almost 25 years ago to support our sister company Padgett Business Services. Padgett’s initial focus was on helping small businesses with their accounting and tax requirements. Together, we developed a propriety system to address these needs and soon became a leader in advising SBEs on financial matters.  As Padgett grew, we grew with them, bearing witness to the many clients that prospered with our trusted advice and consultation.

Through all the change and growth, though, one thing stayed the same: our promise to keep it real and never treat clients like they were just a number.

The 1990s brought a boom in SBEs – and with it fresh opportunities. We knew it was time to leave the nest. Small businesses needed our specialized payroll services and Padgett had given us a world of knowledge and experience so we could help others grow into their own.

Over the years, the ties with our big sister have remained as strong as ever – and we still keep our promises.

Today, Padgett has more than 400 offices all over North America, but we stay in close touch. Voted by Accounting Today as among the top 100 Small Business Pros in Canada, Padgett is our most valued alliance. Everything we know, we learned from the pros – least of which is the value of loyalty.

PayTrak still offers the same personalized friendly service that has won the hearts of Padgett clients down through the decades but we’ve also grown bigger and more flexible to accommodate any size business. And like Padgett’s clients, ours will attest to higher profits, lower tax liability, and a lot less paperwork.

But then there are those benefits that just can’t be measured – like peace of mind.  Something gotten only by knowing your business is in capable, trustworthy hands. And the freedom to grow, which follows from that knowledge.

Trust us. We know all about spreading your wings and the importance of having a strong team to keep an eye on the details so you can go out into the world and tell everyone how great you really are.

Because that’s what we want to see: our clients happy and growing to their full potential. Meanwhile, we’ll be behind the scenes, making sure your team is paid on time and everything’s on track in that department. No slip-ups or surprises from the taxman. That’s what makes us happy.

Learn more about us at Our Services – or just give us a call.  One of our friendly neighbourhood representatives will come visit you – in person, because some things just should not change.