Corporate Payroll Solutions

Experience efficient payroll management

tailored to your growing workforce.


Focus on Growth              Not Payroll

Our expertise in corporate payroll management and customized setup process will make paying your employees stress-free and easier than ever before.

  • Streamline your payroll process while ensuring full legislative compliance. 
  • Easily integrate HR components like time and attendance & employee benefits.
  • Maximize efficiency with easy to use employee/employer online portals. 
  • Unlock data-driven insights using robust, customizable reporting tools.
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What’s in it for You?


Save Time & Money

Eliminate countless hours of payroll processing and get back to growing your business.


User Friendly

Easily access and manage information using our online employer and employee portals.



Our goal is to set you up for the smoothest payroll experience you’ve ever had.



As your business grows, our payroll services can easily adapt to meet your needs.

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Let Us Make Your Life Easier

PayTrak's corporate solutions are designed to empower enterprises of varying sizes. For large corporations, we provide comprehensive and scalable services that optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness, facilitating their sustained growth. Medium to large-sized enterprises benefit from our customized payroll services, guaranteeing precision and compliance to free up resources for strategic expansion. Our intuitive platform streamlines complex payroll processes, enhancing overall corporate operations. Beyond merely delivering payroll solutions, our unparalleled customer service underscores our commitment to being a dedicated partner invested in the success and prosperity of your corporation.



Our Happy Clients Speak for Themselves

“I highly recommend PayTrak to anyone considering payroll processing in Canada. Their expertise and commitment to accuracy has been invaluable to Alyce. I appreciate their excellent communication, and the peace of mind knowing we have a knowledgeable partner for employee tax-related queries. Plus, the team is genuinely a pleasure to work with!  The accuracy & efficiency of the team has helped us avoid compliance issues, which can be costly. The exceptional level of communication and support is appreciated."


Kay Coolican

Finance & Accounting Manager, Alyce

“I would recommend PayTrak to any business needing payroll services. They have a user-friendly system to input all employee payroll information and have a wonderful customer service team. They are quick to respond to emails or phone calls and are helpful and friendly. PayTrak has definitely made my workday more productive when it comes to payroll duties. I feel like the team genuinely has our best interest in mind and makes the process as seamless as possible.”



Ashten Ntewak

Administrative Assistant, Boonstra Ltd.

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