The CRA oversees and enforces the collection of payroll taxes and deductions. For more information, visit the CRA's Payroll page.

You can apply for a BN online through the CRA's website, accessible here.

Key payroll taxes include Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Employment Insurance (EI), and income tax deductions (both federal and provincial). Deduction and tax details are available here.

The frequency of remitting payroll taxes depends on your total payroll deductions. Find the remittance schedule here.

T4 and T4A summaries are required for the annual reporting of employee income and other taxable benefits. Find T4 details can be found here.

Yes, the CRA may conduct payroll tax audits. Be prepared by maintaining accurate payroll records, including timesheets and financial records. Learn more about payroll audits here.

Penalties and interest may apply for late or incorrect filings. Details on late and incorrect filing can be found here. 

Businesses can initiate the dispute resolution process through the CRA's channels. Learn more about the dispute resolution process here.

Businesses can access the CRA's online tools and services, including My Business Account, to manage payroll tax reporting and remittance.

Employers must complete ROE forms and provide them to Service Canada, which shares the information with the CRA. For PayTrak clients, we handle all of this for you. Find more information on manually managing ROEs here.

Errors can be corrected by filing an amended return with the CRA. Detailed instructions are available on the CRA's website here.

Businesses should consider their financial situation and employee needs to choose a payroll schedule that aligns with cash flow and legal requirements. Generally, the pay frequency should be one of the following: Monthly, Semi-monthly, Weekly or Bi-weekly.

The CRA's website offers a wealth of resources, including guides, forms, and tools for payroll-related matters. Explore the Business and Payroll sections for comprehensive information here.

We have designed our processes to be flexible and work to meet your needs. We will accept your payroll input in whatever format and schedule suits your business best. Options include fax and email, or via our client and employee portals.

PayTrak Payroll Services is a team of highly skilled professionals who have been involved in payroll management for decades. Our reputation is rock-solid.

PayTrak’s propriety system is state of the art, and all our payroll services are fully insured, so you can rest easy, your information is in very safe hands.

We offer services at a fraction of the costs associated with processing payroll in-house. Since our service set up is unique for every client, we provide individual pricing based on your business’ specific needs. For a no obligation quote, fill out the form on the contact us page of our website, or email us at We’ll get back to you promptly.

You are never under any obligation to continue with us and you’ll never be charged for anything other than services delivered. After one month of service, we require 90 days notice of service agreement termination.

Actually, we ask you that question: How do you want your employees to be paid? We can have net pay transferred electronically (via Direct Deposit) through a private and secure banking network – including trust companies and credit unions; if required, we can deposit into multiple accounts.

Your payroll taxes are submitted to the federal and provincial governments electronically according to the schedule established for your business by Canada Revenue Agency and the relevant provinces. Source deductions (CPP/QPP, EI, QPIP and Tax) are submitted by PayTrak on your behalf. It’s very convenient and eliminates the possibility of late payment penalties and interest charges.

Employee paystubs can be sent to you either electronically or via the client and employee portals. The paystubs will appear in the proper format as CRA / government guidelines dictate, indicating all earnings and deductions for the current pay period and year to date balances. Employees will receive the net amount in their bank accounts or on their pay cheques.

Similar to the payroll reports you receive every pay period, all year-end materials are sent as a preview and then finalized pending approval. Year-End documents are distributed to you electronically and sent to the government on your behalf.

Not at all – you will receive easy to understand, customizable reports, enabling you to enter your payroll data into your accounting records in minutes. Our system is designed to simplify your life and save you time and money.

Aside from standard source deductions, we can provide you with unlimited customized earning and deduction codes and ensure that each one is treated correctly for tax calculations.

Your payroll must be processed a minimum of three days in advance of the date you want your employees paid. The three-day advance is required by banking institutions to validate funds and allow for the electronic flow of disbursements.

ROE’s can be prepared as requested, either with your regularly scheduled payroll or separately, when required.