Canadian Payroll Solutions

Are you an international business with Canadian employees? We’re here to help.


Providing Peace of Mind

Hiring your first employees in Canada or setting up a division can often be a daunting task for international employers. PayTrak has helped hundreds of clients through this process and is expertly qualified to provide direction. 

  • Ensure adherence to diverse Canadian payroll and employment legislation.
  • Get assistance with business registration, employee benefits setup and federal business obligations.
  • Automate and simplify paying your Canadian employees on time, every time.
  • Access PayTrak's easy to use employer/employee online portals from anywhere.
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What’s in it for You?


Ensure Accuracy

Eliminate the risk of errors and penalties with our team of expert payroll professionals.


User Friendly

Easy to use employee & employer portals for simplified payroll and document management.



Let us handle the intricacies of Canadian payroll so you don't have to.



As your business grows, our payroll services can easily adapt to meet your needs.

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Let Us Make Your Life Easier

Our goal is to simplify the complexities of international payroll. Our comprehensive payroll solutions ensure compliance with diverse regulations, reducing the administrative burden and risk of errors. By centralizing and automating payroll processes, we enable international businesses to streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and focus on their core objectives, ultimately promoting efficiency and peace of mind in the realm of payroll management.



Our Happy Clients Speak for Themselves



“Since day one, PayTrak has been an amazing partner to me and our payroll team along the way, providing expert guidance and support when needed for complex payroll items. The PayTrak team has gone above and beyond to ensure proper payroll processing and guidance for us in Canada.”



Juan Sosa

Senior Regional Network Manager, Velocity Global International Ltd.

“I highly recommend PayTrak to anyone considering payroll processing in Canada. Their expertise and commitment to accuracy has been invaluable to us. I appreciate their excellent communication, and the peace of mind knowing we have a knowledgeable partner for employee tax-related queries. Plus, the team is genuinely a pleasure to work with! Using PayTrak has streamlined our Canadian payroll processes and allowed me to focus on core business activities."


Kay Coolican

Finance & Accounting Manager, Alyce

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