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Let us handle the intricacies of payroll.


How We Can Help

Free up valuable time, reduce administrative burdens, and focus on high-value financial services. Our accuracy and reliability help to strengthen client relationships and enhance your overall service offering. We strive to develop meaningful and lasting partnerships by offloading the complexities of payroll management and providing exceptional service.

  • Expand your service offering by providing robust payroll management services.
  • Ensure clients remain in compliance with ever-changing payroll regulations.
  • Manage employee benefit and pension plans seamlessly, in conjunction with payroll processing.
  • Save time and concentrate on more strategic financial services and client interactions.
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What’s in it for You?


Save Time & Money

Eliminate countless hours of payroll processing and get back to growing your business.


User Friendly

Easy to use employee & employer portals for simplified payroll and document management.



Our goal is to set you up for the smoothest payroll experience you’ve ever had.



As your clients’ businesses grow, our payroll services can easily adapt to meet their needs.

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Let Us Make Your Life Easier

We offer a seamless and efficient solution to payroll challenges. By outsourcing payroll tasks to us, accountants can redirect their focus towards strategic financial services and reduce administrative work, while ensuring their clients' payroll compliance. This partnership enhances the opportunity for greater client satisfaction and simplifies dynamic payroll management.



Our Happy Clients Speak for Themselves

“Using PayTrak has saved me time and let me focus on things I am better at doing. Prior to using PayTrak I would need to take some time each week to complete payroll calculations, do the deductions, pay employees, etc. Now I just send in my hours and our payroll is complete, without worries. I have found that allowing PayTrak to complete our payroll also helps us to stay focused on our business and gives us the reassurance that I never miss a deadline with CRA. The reports are concise and easy to read so I don’t have to search for the amounts needed to update my accounting records, which is an additional bonus.”


Chris Jameson

Owner, Padgett Business Services



“Before PayTrak, managing payroll was frustrating and tough to keep up with. Since using their services, I’ve been able to concentrate on other important areas of the business and produce accurate financials in a timely manner. PayTrak is both affordable and reliable. You’d be surprised how much time their services can save you.”





Srinath Nookala

Bookkeeper, Rajeev Peeka Professional Corporation

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Our only mission is to help. We’d love to learn how we can help manage payroll services for your clients and make life a little easier.

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