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In the event an employee has made numerous attempts to log in with an incorrect password, the system will block access to Self-Service. To unlock access to the Employee Self-Service portal, the employer must login to their client management portal and click on the lock icon beside the employee’s name.

If you are an employee, you will need to contact your employer to have them unlock and reset your password.

If an employee cannot remember their password and has made multiple failed attempts to log in, their employers must first login to the client self-service portal. From there, the employer will navigate to the employee’s page and use the reset icon to initiate the employee password reset.

In your client services portal, navigate to the employee screen, then select the Record of Employment tab. Below the tab a blue link will appear labelled Generate a record of employment request. Click this link to generate the request. Alternatively, navigate to My requests and choose Record of employment from the drop-down menu.

You have two options here: set your employees up for the online self-service portal OR email paystubs directly to employees.