Frequently Asked Questions

What options are available for our payroll input?

We understand the demands on the time of owners and managers of small business and have designed our processes to be flexible and work to meet your needs. We will accept your payroll input in whatever format and schedule suits your business best. Options include fax and email.

How much experience do you have? Are you reputable?

PayTrak Payroll Services is a team of highly skilled professionals who have been involved in payroll management for decades. Our reputation is rock-solid. We are closely affiliated with Padgett Business Services, a trusted company that has been providing accounting services to Canada’s small business community for almost 50 years.  Need more assurance? Read About Us and Our Testimonials here.

There’s so much in the news now about IT security breaches. How safe are your services?

PayTrak’s propriety system is state of the art, and all our payroll services are fully insured, so you can rest easy your information is in very safe hands.

How much does your service cost?

Service Costs are a fraction of the costs associated with processing payroll in-house. For a no obligation quote, please contact us  by phone or e-mail. We’ll get back to you promptly.

Are we committed to continuing with PayTrak?

You are never under any obligation to continue with us and you’ll never be charged for anything other than services delivered. If you are not completely satisfied with our service during the first month we will gladly refund all processing charges for that month.

How are my employees paid?

Actually, we ask you that question: How do you want your employees to be paid? We can have net pays transferred electronically (via Direct Deposit) through a private and secure banking network – including trust companies and credit unions; if required, we can deposit into multiple accounts.

If you prefer the old-fashioned way, we will do the preparation and issuing of hard copy cheques to your employees.

How are my payroll taxes paid?

Your payroll taxes are submitted to the federal and provincial governments electronically according to the schedule established for your business by Canada Revenue Agency and the relevant provinces. Source deductions (CPP/QPP, EI, QPIP and Tax) are submitted on your behalf. It’s very convenient and eliminates the possibility of late payment penalties and interest charges.

How do my employees get their paystubs?

Employee paystubs can be sent to you either electronically or, if you prefer, in hard copy form. The paystubs will appear in the proper format as CRA / government guidelines dictate, indicating all earnings and deductions for the current pay period and year to date balances. Depending on whether you choose direct deposit or hard copy cheques, employees will receive the net amount in their bank accounts or on their pay cheques.

What about Year End?

Similar to the payroll reports you receive every pay period, all year-end materials are laser-printed and your employees will receive their tax forms in confidential, pre-addressed envelopes.

Will it be hard to transfer my payroll data to my accounting records? What reports do I get?

Not at all – you will receive easy to understand reports, enabling you to enter your payroll data into your accounting records in minutes. Our system is designed to simplify your life and save you time and money.

How many different types of Earnings or Deductions are we able to report?

Aside from standard source deductions, we can provide you with unlimited customized earning and deduction codes and ensure that each one is treated correctly for tax calculations.

When do I have to do my payroll?

Your payroll must be processed a minimum of three days in advance of the date you want your employees paid. The three day advance is required by banking institutions to validate funds and allow for the electronic flow of disbursements.

Will you prepare my Records of Employment [ROEs]?

ROE’s [ROEs] can be prepared as requested, either with your regularly scheduled payroll or separately, when required.