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Say goodbye to complex integrations & convoluted features, and hello to straightforward payroll management.

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Why PayTrak?

Your Payroll

Our Expertise


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Why PayTrak?

Your Payroll

Our Expertise


Hands-on support setting up effective and accurate payroll processing & reporting.
No hidden fees; we customize your payroll setup to meet your needs and are always transparent about the cost of our services.
World-class customer support, including your own dedicated payroll team.
Easy to use employer and employee online portals - accessible from anywhere!

Take it from our happy clients.


“Before using PayTrak's services, we managed our payroll internally. It was time-consuming and diverted our focus from our core business operations. Through PayTrak's payroll outsourcing, we've achieved time savings and accuracy in our payroll management, allowing us to focus on core business functions. PayTrak's team expertise and support have been invaluable in streamlining our payroll processes and ensuring accuracy.”



Caryn Laliberte | Partner, Underdog Studios


“We were not satisfied with our previous payroll provider and made the switch to PayTrak over 10 years ago. Our dedicated payroll representative has been extremely helpful and goes above and beyond for me. She's always quick to get back to me with a solution to any issue we have. Turnaround time to approve payroll from the time I submit it is great. I know I can trust PayTrak to make any necessary changes and it will be done right.”



Shauna MacNeill | Accounting Manager, Rothesay Netherwood School


“I have been using PayTrak for more than 10 years and have been extremely satisfied with their service and staff members. Using PayTrak freed me as a business owner and gave more time to my accountant to focus on other aspects of the business. The PayTrak staff are very diligent, and I always get reminders to submit payroll hours. In one situation I had an issue with my work email, and they never received the payroll hours. They sent me reminder emails that I never received, then they called me in person to follow up. Despite the delays, my staff got their pay on time.”



Ash Zaki | Owner, Queenston Pharmacy

“PayTrak has been doing our Payroll for over 20 years. They are efficient, organized and extremely knowledgeable. They handle our biweekly payroll for 7 clinics including all necessary deductions and submissions. Saves our company valuable time and the cost is reasonable. By using PayTrak services our company is able to access all information related to payroll easily utilizing the variety of reports PayTrak provides. I also like the confidence it provides by knowing that their professionals are remitting and reporting to the government according to required regulations. If I have any questions our representative is friendly, knowledgeable, and accessible and can provide any information on the spot.”


Loren Kemp | Director of Human Resources, Focus Physiotherapy

“Before outsourcing our payroll, managing it in-house was challenging and time-consuming. That changed when we moved to PayTrak. Their attention to detail and commitment to accuracy are second to none. We haven't encountered a single payroll mistake or compliance issue since we started working with them. The team is more than just a service provider; they are a true business partner. Their customer service is unparalleled, and it's clear that they genuinely care about our business.”

Astrit Simeqi | Bookkeeper/Accounting, Brunga Law Professional Corp.

“PayTrak is affordable and worth the investment. They take care of everything from WSIB payments to government remittances, T4's and other important documents are always available upon request. I enjoy using their services. All I do is submit the funds each employee and contractor are receiving, and they do the rest. I have been able to focus my attention on growing my business rather than payroll and that speaks for itself. What I like most is being able to ask any payroll related question and getting accurate answers quickly. PayTrak has been a game changer for me and my business and would strongly recommend the services.”

Dimitris Charocopos | Owner, Steam Dry Canada

“Using PayTrak has taken the worry out of processing payroll. Initial setup is detailed, but once it is all going, submitting and running payroll is a breeze. With a mixture of hourly and salaried employees, it was time-consuming dealing with hiring, ROEs and T4s, but all is handled by the PayTrak Team. Customer service is very responsive, friendly, and efficient.”

Robyn Kendall | Bookkeeper, Rancho Vignola Distributors Ltd.

“PayTrak is a very cost effective and efficient payroll service for small businesses and helpful when questions are asked, and help is offered when needed. Time-sensitive issues that are needed by the company are also managed well by the PayTrak team. I have been able to manage the company more efficiently and effectively without having the added stress of managing the payroll department of the company on a bi-weekly basis. When I need help or have questions or concerns of any other issues, the team is there to help and assist with those matters as well especially in a time sensitive issue that requires an immediate solution.”

Christine Wood | Manager, J.C. Electrical Inc.

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What Uncomplicated
Payroll is Made Of

Secure & Simple
Bank level security meets a user-friendly interface and dedicated team. Submit your information and let us take care of the rest.
Hassle Free
We can do it all for you - data entry, government remittances, calculations, reporting, deposits, and reconciliations.
Easy Access
Send money directly to your employees’ bank accounts & give them online access to their pay details.
Paytrak Services

How Can We Help?

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Payroll Solutions


Are you tired of complex payroll and HR software with complicated integrations and features you don't feel confident using? Are you struggling to get support from a real person, in real time or dealing with hidden fees and charges? At PayTrak, we do things differently. We don't simply unload an entire software platform and leave you to do the rest. Our services are designed to eliminate the burden of payroll management. We care about your success and are with you every step of the way, to ensure smooth setup and payroll processing. That's why almost all of our clients have made the switch and stayed with us ever since.

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Who We Serve


Our payroll services offer benefits to businesses of all sizes. We serve small and medium sized businesses, large corporations and enterprises, international businesses, and franchises. We also work with accountant partners to offer their clients more efficient payroll solutions. Our team of dedicated professionals has continued to grow, enabling us to provide the personalized service that sets us apart from other payroll providers. Over the last two decades, we have implemented successful payroll solutions across every industry vertical imaginable from healthcare and education to retail and manufacturing. Wondering if we're the right fit for your business? Click Learn More below.

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Struggling to navigate ever-changing legislation? With a deep understanding of local regulations and industry nuances, we provide payroll solutions designed specifically for the Canadian landscape. From guides to checklists and expert advice, we’ve got you covered. Stay informed about labour standards, regulations, and compliance using our resource center.



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Payroll Without
the Noise


We do one thing, really well. And that's payroll. With our unwavering commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and compliance, we deliver seamless payroll solutions that free you from administrative burdens and allow you to focus on what truly matters - growing your business.

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Social Proof

Building Trust, One Client at a Time


For over two decades, we've dedicated ourselves to serving our community with unwavering excellence in payroll services and software. Our reputation is a testament to our enduring partnership with both local and international businesses, reflecting our dedication, and reliability to improving payroll processes for clients just like you. Our success is intricately woven into the rich tapestry of Canadian entrepreneurship, and we're honored to be a part of it.



Years in business.



Happy customers.


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