International Employers

Hiring your first employees in Canada or setting up a division can often be a daunting task for international employers. PayTrak has helped hundreds of clients through this process and is expertly qualified to provide direction. Some of the many items for which PayTrak helps international employers with their Canadian payroll needs:

  • Calculation, production, and remittance of Federal and Provincial payroll taxes – CPP and EI
  • Determining the appropriate payroll schedule
  • Direction on how to set-up the required business numbers and payroll accounts
  • Clarification on different payroll legislation from province to province
  • Foreign exchange
  • Employment Standard and regulations – Vacation Pay, Holiday Pay, Statutory Holidays, Overtime
  • Provincial taxation legislation – Calculations and payments – WSIB – EHT – MRP
  • Guidance and Clarification on the different terms used with reference to payroll in Canada
  • Calculation and remittance of Records of Employment
  • All annual fillings
  • Provide a PayTrak Protect Health and Dental benefit plan
  • Provide options for pension administration through PayTrak Pension – RRSP
  • Provide guidance on hiring and termination practices in Canada
  • HR manuals and other correspondence as required.

International employers using PayTrak can rest easy knowing that all the payroll requirements for their employees are being handled accurately, on-time and in compliance. PayTrak provides peace of mind.