For Accountants

Are your clients’ retirement savings plans compliant with new legislation?

Ensuring compliance is a task you don’t need to be worrying about and we can help.

A few things you should know about pension plans…

  • RRSP contributions are calculated on regular salary plus commission plus bonus
  • It is mandatory for employees to be employed by the client
  • Employees will monitor contributions as per the CRA limits
  • RRSP contributions are deducted on every pay regardless of payroll frequency

How we can help:

  • Your time is Valuable!! Which is why we handle the administration and our national partner handles the investment.
  • We recognize that you need to focus on growing and maintaining your business. We make supporting your clients’ pension plan easy for you.
  • Making sure your clients’ plans are compliant with government regulations on your own can be a lot of work. We keep you up to date with legislative changes and ensure compliance for you.