For Employers

Why wouldn’t you want to offer your employees an easy, affordable retirement savings plan? Demonstrate that your existing and potential employees are valued by helping them plan for what many don’t or don’t want to think about; their financial future.

A Group RRSP makes this very important and sought-after employee benefit simple and accessible.

A few things you should know about pension plans…

  • RRSP contributions are calculated on regular salary plus commission plus bonus
  • It is mandatory for employees to be employed by the client
  • Employees will monitor contributions as per the CRA limits
  • RRSP contributions are deducted on every pay regardless of payroll frequency

How we can help:

  • Your time is invaluable; which is why we handle the administrative tasks so you can focus on growing your business.
  • We recognize that your business requires you attract and retain the best employees, so we make offering this extra benefit easy for you.
  • Making sure your plan is compliant with government regulations on your own can be an overwhelming task. We offer access to an easy, affordable plan and ensure compliance for you.